Junne AW19 | A Drama Girl with a Bewitching Heart


Photo credits: Simon Armstrong

Photo credits: Simon Armstrong

Junne’s London Debut Fascinates the FROW with a Kahlo-Inspired Collection

Renowned Chinese knitwear brand, Junne, made its London debut at Fashion Scout with a sensational collection inspired by the work of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. This influence is perhaps most evident in the skeleton motifs which pervade much of Kahlo’s work.

Frida is said to have kept a skeleton above her bed as a humorous reminder of human mortality! There was, however, nothing macabre about these vibrant orange pieces, perhaps because life and death are intrinsically linked in Mexican culture - they’re simply considered equal elements in the cycle of life.


What I Wore

Photo: Stephan Howarth, @howste

Photo: Stephan Howarth, @howste


Top to Toe Metallics

With the iridescence of fly wings, these metallic knits wafted down the runway, catching the light and mesmerising the gathered fashion swarm. Ribbed midi skirts styled with matching shoulder-revealing sweaters were just sexy enough, while high-necked, long-sleeved pieces were paired beautifully with palazzos or joggers for the ultimate in chic, modern comfort dressing. My favourite of these was the playfully-proportioned, balloon-sleeved, kimono dress, cinched at the waist with a monochrome belt, for that perfectly feminine silhouette.

Riveting Details!


Designer, Junne Lau, is an expert in the art of knitwear! She builds each piece by taking a single strand of yarn and weaving it into 2-D textiles, then constructing these into 3-D shapes.

When the lilac and orange sweater and coat swept past me in the FROW I literally gasped out loud! It’s just SO beautiful! I love the unusual colour palette and the large, turquoise-coloured rivets that pierce these garments as if by an industrial-strength hole-punch! Sitting beside me, as I gaped open-mouthed, Brian James [@brianjamesstylist] uttered: “That’s so you, eh?'“ in his inimitable east-coast brogue! Brian - I concur!

White Out!

It was back to bone-crushingly beautiful skeletal references for the show-stopping finale. Four brilliant white pieces, created from yarn shaped to form a bone-like texture, produced what I saw as the most achingly modern bridal looks. I’m imagining them combined - maxi cape over cocoon dress, or peplum top paired with a maxi skirt in matching knit - for a future-focused bride to be.

I’m married already, but maybe for our 5-year vow renewal, Mr O?!

The Final Walk

Junne AW 19 at LFW | Final Walk in Slo-Mo

Junne AW19 LFW | The Final Walk Back

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