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Are you looking for a new hydrating skincare system? Bellame Acqua Lumiere could be just what you need…

This post features a review of gifted products from Andrea Korniak, @thebeauty.artisan, but as always, all opinions are my own.

As a bit of a skincare sceptic, I was a little reluctant to review a whole skincare system. Having said that, I’d been using more or less the same products for years, and I was getting ready to switch things up. So when Andrea contacted me and asked if I’d review the Bellame Acqua Lumiere product line, the timing couldn’t have been better!


More Issues than Vogue!

As a former sun-worshipper, I have my share of skin issues! On my face, I’m noticing, in particular, dark spots appearing, my chronic dark circles still not improving and the lines from my nose to my mouth deepening. I was dying to find out if a simple change in skincare could refine any or all of my issues.

Incidentally, I haven’t retouched any of these shots. This is me, at 46, with no Botox, no fillers, no chemical peels or surgical interventions. I rarely (if ever) have a facial, and I have stuck to the Bellame system for the past 7 weeks without adding anything else to my skincare regime to ensure I can assess the results fairly. My hope is that if you follow my fashion and enjoy my style advice, you’ll trust me to honestly review this product line…

Yes, I’m wearing makeup in the photos, including a light ‘Almost Powder’ product by Clinique on my skin. The shots are intended to illustrate the story as opposed to proving any results as such… but if you’re dying for the bare, naked truth, keep scrolling!

~ The Products ~

The collection consists of 4 products. All are designed for maximum hydration and are packed with clinical grade ingredients, including high-powered hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, vitamin C, baobab oil and semi-precious stone, malachite. They do not, however, contain harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Here are the details of each step and the claims made in the supporting literature:

~ One Step at a Time ~

STEP 1: Hydrating Cleanser ~ this creamy cleanser is designed to be applied directly onto dry skin and gently massaged upwards and outwards for a minute to allow the product to melt into the skin. By removing with a warm, damp washcloth, dirt and makeup is whisked away, leaving soft, clean skin. As an added bonus, it also doubles as a mask.

STEP 2: Hydrating Serum ~ containing marine collagen, derived from seaweed, and packed with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, this serum is said to help boost firmness and elasticity. The hero ingredient, Malachite, is a semi-precious, copper-enriched gemstone that delivers a concentrated dose of anti-oxidants, known to firm skin, block inflammation and repair sun damage (yes please)! Massaging into the skin for 30 seconds, then pressing the palms of your hands into the skin, encourages the serum to penetrate. For maximum effect, wait a full minute before steps 3 and 4.

STEP 3: Hydrating Eye Cream ~ a creamy and luxuriously thick eye cream that should be used very sparingly. The Milk Peptide Complex is said to deliver a “significant uptick in firmness, smoothness and even skin thickness”. I was super sceptical about this claim… read on to hear my thoughts after 7 weeks of use!

STEP 4: Hydrating Moisturiser ~ this surprisingly lightweight cream claims to “penetrate deeply” and target signs of age like dullness and uneven tone “from virtually the inside out”. Apparently it adjusts to the skin’s needs and results improve with committed daily use. Again, a full minute is recommended before applying makeup or going to bed at night.

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~ My Experience of Using Bellame Acqua Lumiere ~


The excitement of beginning a new skincare regime cannot be matched. Hopes are always high for a miracle cure and the return of COLLAGEN - that elusive substance of youth that seems all but lost as we enter mid-life! I am, as I mentioned, also a skincare sceptic - I truly believe that you are what you eat and if you put garbage in, you’ll have garbage skin! No product will change that. So I try to eat healthily, but I LOVE sweet treats and dark chocolate, coffee and yes, the odd glass of vino! Everything in moderation, right? Having not changed my diet in any way, the testing of these products was as scientific as it was ever going to be.

My initial impressions were great! The product packaging is subtly clinical and hits the right note between minimal and luxe. Cleansing is always a bit of a chore, let’s be honest, but I eagerly look forward to using my creamy new cleanser, which is to be applied, Euro-style, onto dry skin. I remove my makeup first with my usual micellar water, then set to work on the cleansing massage! The texture is beautifully silky and luxuriant and the scent is divine, but not overpowering. It glides comfortably around the face as you massage, and the viscosity lasts beyond the suggested 1 minute massage. After a warm rinse, using the face cloth provided wipes away any residue of product or makeup. While I wouldn’t claim my pores are any clearer than they were, my skin is definitely less dry than it was after using my previous cleanser.

On to the serum! A great little pipette dispenser issues just the right amount to cover the whole face and neck. This product is a joy! It’s lightly scented and feels like it’s quenching your skin from the moment it’s applied! The claim that is it a “liquid powerhouse” seems justified. It’s a lovely texture, not too watery or oily, and it soaks in quickly.

Waiting a full minute before applying each product is recommended so I’ve been religiously following that advice. While it might take a bit longer, I’ve actually been enjoying a moment of quiet meditation before bed, or at my vanity before my day begins, while I wait the 60 seconds before each application!

Next comes the eye cream. Here, things went a bit awry! It’s pretty thick compared to my previous product and seemed to sit on my skin then kind of roll off later or when I tried to apply makeup. After consulting Andrea, I drastically cut down how much I pumped out - I was applying way too much - but it still didn’t work well with my makeup. For that reason, I’ve stuck to using this unctuous eye cream at nighttime only, when I can enjoy the luxury of applying such a creamily textured product.

Finally, the hydrating moisturiser. 1 - 2 pumps covers the entire face and neck. It’s the least scented of all the products, but it’s equally luxurious. It works as a primer for makeup (a mistake I was making at first until Andrea advised me otherwise), so that’s one less product I need in the morning! At night it’s the perfect decadent end to my relaxing bedtime regime.

~ My Favourite Product ~

My favourite product of the 4 is without doubt this delightful, thirst-quenching serum! It works as well in the morning as it does at night and I’m almost certain it’s responsible for a reduction in the appearance of the dark spots that were emerging on my forehead.

Overall, while I don’t see a dramatic change in my skin after just 7 weeks, I do think it’s more hydrated, plumper and softer to the touch, and I’ve been told by a few folks that my skin is ‘glowing’. My dark circles still seem like trenches to me, but I’m pretty sure they’re genetic, so no cream is going to fill them in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this system to any woman looking to rehydrate her skin and follow a system that’s designed to work together for maximum benefits. I hear there could be more products in the pipeline… sign me up!

As Promised, the Bare Naked Lady!


I’d like to thank Andrea of @thebeauty.artisan for sending me these Bellame products to test. It’s been a pleasure! I hope you’ll request a sample or two from her with an Instagram DM - be sure to tell her I sent you!

Thanks so much for reading!


NB: I took all the shots of myself after using the Acqua Lumiere system for just over 6 weeks. I haven’t done any ‘before and afters’ because they are invariably taken in different lighting conditions and no one would believe any crazy claims based on photographic ‘evidence’ in this digital age anyway!