Dare to Double Denim?


How to wear Double Denim - more Debbie Harry less Daisy Duke!

Ever since Britney and Justin's double Double Denim Disaster of 2001, denim-on-denim has suffered something of a bad rap and can evoke fear and loathing in equal measure. But in recent years, it has enjoyed a significant resurgence in fashion circles.  Like the 'ugly trainer' trend that's currently adorning our Insta-feeds, double denim has emerged from the fashion wilderness to become something of a cult (if not mainstream) style statement.

Is this just more evidence of fashion's fickle nature?  Or could it be that we just want to simplify things and be comfortable for a change?  Having never tried it, how could I possible know?  So in the name of fashion, I've styled several DD looks, in a bid to find out: is it Double Denim Do? or Double Denim Don't?

Look 1: Classic Shirt and Micro Mini


Being a double denim virgin, I thought I'd throw myself in at the stylistic deep end here with a micro mini and oversized shirt.  The juxtaposition of the voluminous, mannish shirt helps offset the sexi shortness of the mini, especially when paired with these thigh high boots.  Keeping the accessories to black leather helps simplify the palette and retain the strength and impact of the denim-on-denim.  Selecting similar denim washes also helps create a cohesiveness to the look - in some images, it almost looks like a dress.

~ Shirt: Levi's Men (similar here); Skirt: Morgan (similar here), Boots: Jimmy Choo; Belt: Gucci; Bag: Bally (old but similar here), Coat: Oasis ~

Look 2: Knotted Shirt and Skinnies


Ok, so the style police tried to tell us that skinny jeans were out, out, out!  But then we were told they were back.  Either way, I'm not parting with the many pairs I own.  Here, I've taken the masculine shirt and knotted it into a feminine, figure-flattering shape.  Alternatively, I've tucked it in - both options serve to highlight the waist and streamline the silhouette.  If you're still unsure - go for the half-tuck.  Also worth noting is the relatively high-waisted jean I've chosen in order to conceal most of my midriff - but by all means go lower if you dare!  This fun look should be enjoyed!

~ Shirt: Levi's Men (similar here); Skinnies: Frame Denim (similar here) ~

Look 3: Cropped Jacket and Skinnies


Continuing with the skinny jeans, this time I've paired them with a distressed wash, cropped denim jacket. The double denim effect is emphasised because the two denims are such different colours and washes.  Keeping the silhouette neat and fitted, helps to avoid it appearing too masculine though, and the peep of eyelash lace from the black camisole also softens the look.

~ Jacket: DKNY Jeans (old but similar here and here); Skinnies: Frame Denim (similar); Cami: H&M; Heels: Alexander Wang; Flats: Lanvin ~

Look 4: Denim Coat and High Waist Flares


Now for something completely different!  Embracing the return of flared jeans, I've opted to add even more denim fabric to this look by wearing this dress as a coat!  Inserting a pop of red and white with the t-shirt helps break up the effect, and by adding complementary white heels and handbag, I've lightened the overall look, making it suitable for spring.

~ Dress, worn as coat: M.i.h Jeans (old but similar here); Flares: Karen Millen (similar here and similar, cropped here); T-Shirt: New Look; Bag: Reiss; Shoe Boots: Kurt Keiger ~

Look 5: Denim Dress Over Skinnies

Here's the same dress all buttoned up and worn as intended, as an actual dress.  My love for skinny jeans knows no bounds and layering them under dresses has got to be one of the best ways to style them up, especially when the weather is still unaware it's supposed to be spring already!  I think keeping the washes similar helps elongate the body with this look as it's a serious double denim statement.  Do you agree?

~ Dress: M.i.h Jeans (similar here); Skinny Jeans: Frame (similar here), Shoes: Alexander Wang; Bag: Bally (old similar here) Sunglasses: Catherine Malandrino (old but similar here) ~

Look 6: Ok, maybe a tiny bit of Daisy Duke!

I think this look speaks for itself! I love the front zip and surprisingly smart finish of these shorts ~ Shirt: Levi's Men; Shorts: Earl Jeans (old); Boots (just seen) Jimmy Choo ~

I think this look speaks for itself! I love the front zip and surprisingly smart finish of these shorts ~ Shirt: Levi's Men; Shorts: Earl Jeans (old); Boots (just seen) Jimmy Choo ~

So what's your verdict?  Double Denim Do?  Or Double Denim Don't?  Let me know in the comments!


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