Pretty Punky

This vintage Mugler jacket could be yours... read on for 4 ways to wear it.

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With fashion's return to the 80s a perennial fixation, this vintage piece by renowned French designer, Thierry Mugler, is a quality, sustainable way to stay right on trend without the need to continually purchase fast, disposable clothes. It's a bold nod to the era and a bright, versatile addition to any wardrobe. 100% wool, with lightly padded shoulders and a flattering, nipped-in waist with partially-detached belt - an unusual, eye-catching design feature that simply screams "designer jacket"!

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Equally fabulous worn with tailored pieces for a work-appropriate statement look, or 'punked up' with vinyl and chains! Here are my 4 ways to style it.

1. Colour on Mute

Tartan is a universal symbol of Scotland, but it was also adopted by the punk movement so, when not worn in traditional kilt mode, it carries connotations of anarchy and rebellion. I'm dialling down the colour here with a pair of black, drop-crotch trousers which work brilliantly with the large black belt buckle and triangle stud fasteners.

2. Punkadelic Barbie!

While the punks of the 70s and 80s may have preferred the classic Royal Stewart red tartan, this Thierry Mugler jacket offers another level of anarchism, being bright green and adorned as it is with pink and blue checks!  Punks were also partial to a bit of vinyl (and even a bin liner or two), so I can't help but wonder what these committed anarchists would make of my bubblegum pink vinyl pants! I love how they bring out the pink threads in the tartan, and given that subversion is what they were all about, I think they'd probably approve.

3. Weekend Warrior

Pairing with a relaxed boyfriend jean and punk-favourite Converse trainers creates an off-duty weekend chic that will take you from shopping to lunch with the girls in unique style. Worn open at the neck with a statement, punky necklace further relaxes the look.

4. Corporate Anarchy

Not for the faint-hearted, this bright pink pencil skirt brings out the pink thread in the tartan and makes a serious statement. I've blogged before about the importance of being unforgettable in the office - this jacket will do all that hard work for you, leaving you to concentrate on that killer presentation!

Beauty Note

Clearly the jacket is a statement in itself, but why stop there?  The tartan contains bright pink and blue threads, so you can pick these out in your makeup or accessories. I've chosen a bright pop of pink lipstick and a wash of metallic green on my lids to make a bold look that perfectly complements the jacket. Smile optional.

The Details

Colour-balance your look with a pop of green shoe. Wear with bold, funky statement shades. Try black, punky nail varnish and bold earrings to complement the anarchic individuality of the jacket.

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