Sparkle All the Way!

Shimmer through the festive season in this high fashion Christopher Kane cocktail dress and bejewelled purse

In association with Isabella’s Wardrobe, with special thanks to The Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow

Beautifully shot by John Murray

One of the great joys of my life as a stylist and fashion blogger is the chance to experience some of the most gorgeous, runway pieces that I would never normally be able to buy or wear. Case in point, this shimmering blue, Marte Brocade Ghost Organza Dress by Scottish designer, Christopher Kane.

In silver-blue, floral patterned, silk brocade, this dress has an innovative, origami-style suspended-front yoke that splits open to reveal the ghost organza layer beneath. Uniquely cut and exquisitely designed by a master in tailoring, it’s brand new, with tags, so if you’re looking to wow this Christmastime, don’t delay - click images to shop directly.

[Scroll down for close-ups of the panelling and peekaboo details…]

Crystal Encrusted Christopher Kane Clutch

A chance to own not one, but two beautiful Christopher Kane pieces - this stunning, highly embellished clutch is the perfect companion to the silvery shimmer of the Marte dress.

Sparkle and shine throughout Christmastime and beyond with this pretty purse, adorned with silver and pink crystals, from his SS12 catwalk collection. A timeless piece that will work with any evening look, from rock chick to goddess gown! Click images for full details and to shop directly.

~ Get the Look ~

As a stylist, I sometimes feel the need to add accessories to make a look unique - hence the addition of the studded belt in some images. That said, this dress needs very little accompaniment, however, if you like the belted look, and want to replicate it, or simply change it up for different events, this Christopher Kane belt, from his current collection, will work beautifully.

Story Time!

Imagine the scene: It’s 7.09pm. “Meet me for drinks before dinner at 7pm in the Salon at The Blythswood”, he had said. You’re nervously waiting and wondering: “What if he stands me up? I couldn’t bear it… not on a first date at Christmas!”

Trying to look calm, sipping your Vodka Martini, you sneak yet another glance at your watch, and feel your brow furrow deeply… “That’s it… he’s not coming! I need a Christmas miracle now…” Just then, you catch sight of a handsome, smiling face in the mirror - it’s him! He’s running towards you, rose bouquet in hand, apologising profusely, in between compliments. “You look STUNNING!” He exclaims. “That dress…!”

Instantly, all is forgiven, and you think to yourself, “I knew this dress was a winner”, as he takes your hand and a new romance begins to blossom…

Why not fall in love at the Blythswood this Christmas?

~ Details ~

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