Styling New Year's Eve | Part II

Photo credits:  Sam Brewster

Photo credits: Sam Brewster

How to Dress for Your NYE Kiss!

Part II: The Dinner & Drinks Party

Parties and dining out are so much fun, but it can be daunting to walk into a crowded bar or restaurant alone on New Year’s Eve if you’re meeting your date or friends there… Here’s my survival guide to enjoying a stylish New Year’s Eve party.

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Step 1: Make an entrance!

Pick an outfit you feel confident and comfortable in. I love a long-sleeved bodycon dress, especially in winter. No need to worry about fake tanning, and if you pair it with over-the-knee boots, you’ll not only amp up the dress, you’ll also be warm en route to and from the venue. Win-win…

This dark floral, Christopher Kane dress is perfect for winter evenings. The colours are muted and the print is bold, making it easy to dress up or down. For this ‘party look’ I’ve kept the styling simple with super-sleek, Jimmy Choo OTK boots, very long, black tassel earrings and a bold, red lip. Stay tuned and I’ll style it up for daytime soon.

Step 2: Order carefully!

Photo credits:  Sam Brewster

Photo credits: Sam Brewster

Whether you’re a drinker or not, ordering a delicious drink is one of life’s great pleasures, in my opinion. At a party, I think there’s nothing more festive than a cocktail to kick the night off. A Vodka Martini with a twist is a classic, or if you fancy something fruity, a Hemingway Daiquiri is one of my all-time favourites - and The Salon at The Blythswood makes a killer one!

Step 3: Find an entertaining conversationalist

Like most people, I sometimes feel social anxiety at the thought of meeting new people or going to an event that’s a little out of my comfort zone. Nights like Hogmanay can be laden with too many expectations - “you WILL have a great time"!” So I find the best thing to do, whether going to a party or even a business event, is to find someone you don’t know and get to know them! Be genuinely interested in them - ask questions and listen! If you can find someone entertaining to chat to all the better. Someone to laugh with. It’s the best ice breaker (after Vodka Martini)!

Step 4: Make yourself comfortable

Dangling your drink whilst balancing a plate and eating a canapé can be tricky… If a table’s unavailable, find a perch! Somewhere to set your drink or lay your purse down. Oh, and did I mention, take a purse with a crossbody strap so you don’t have to hold it under your arm all night.

Photo credits:  Sam Brewster

Photo credits: Sam Brewster

…ok, not that comfortable!

Step 5: If all else fails… find the bar!

The Blythswood Hotel Salon  is a beautiful spot to browse the cocktail list or enjoy afternoon tea.

The Blythswood Hotel Salon is a beautiful spot to browse the cocktail list or enjoy afternoon tea.

I’d never advocate drinking to relieve boredom at a party… never! But if your date’s a dud, or your friends are running late, find a barstool and put on your best smile. After all, you’ve got your gorgeous new Christopher Kane dress on and you’re looking fine. I’m not letting you go home, not yet! You’re bound to find someone to chat to, even if it’s just the bar staff. And if not, there’s alway Instagram!

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve!


ps: always drink responsibly…