Trail Blazer - The Sequel

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3 Ways to Style a White Blazer

Part II: With a Bodycon Dress

In case you missed Part I (denim cutoffs), catch up here!

In an effort to demonstrate the versatility of the white blazer, I figured I'd shoot 3 looks and create one blog post.  Turns out I got so enthusiastic about the first look, I decided to make it a series, linking all the essential elements of each look as best I could.  What I hadn't banked on, however, was just how many styling options there are for a white blazer. This series could be never-ending!

Office Ready

Now you might be thinking, "white blazer at the office, really?" but trust me here. I'm a big believer in 'bringing your whole self to work' - that is, dressing as yourself, not as a corporate clone! In today's ultra-competitive workplace, setting yourself apart in any way you can is almost as important as the work you do - ever been told to 'raise your profile'? For me this means being 'unforgettable' in the minds of your bosses and peers - for all the right reasons, of course.  


It's not enough to merely be clean and tidy at work. Use your wardrobe to showcase your creativity - if you need help doing this, don't be afraid to ask. Creativity and creative thinking will become more and more valued by employers as artificial intelligence and robots take over non-creative jobs. So establishing your creative credentials now is extremely important for progression.

A white blazer is eye-catching, crisp, commanding and bold, and that makes it memorable. Teamed with pink, the mannish cut is softened, and pairing with a dress helps assert your femininity without compromising your professionalism. The dress doesn't need to be skin tight if that's not comfortable for you at work.  It just needs to have a narrow, straight-cut skirt to balance out the proportions, and preferably be in a fabric that doesn't crease (as you'll be in it all day)... Just don't let any uncapped biros within striking distance!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Inspiration!

~ Style Notes ~


Pink and white is one of the freshest, most feminine colour combinations. With a mannish, oversized, double-breasted blazer, it's important to balance out your silhouette. This hip-hugging bodycon dress, in über-flirty, bubblegum pink, does this beautifully. My dress is River Island, but it's several seasons old, so I've linked an alternative below. 

~ Shop the Look ~

Most of my pieces are old - I'm a major-hoarder - so I've sourced the closest alternatives I could find for you. I've selected a single- and double-breasted blazer (click images to shop), but if you're looking for other options at different price points, check out the others I've linked here. My sunnies are Quay Australia, with blue mirror lenses. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any in this colourway, but I've linked a similar shape with white frames above -  the white frame is the more significant feature for this outfit.

Work Your Summer Style

Summer dressing can be tricky - summer dressing for work, trickier still!  You want to be cool, but comfortable.  You don't want to show too much flesh, but you don't want to be all buttoned up either. When it's hot outside it's tempting not to bring a jacket to the office, however, air conditioned spaces can get really cold, so a sleeveless dress with a blazer is the ideal office option. When you're outside you can shoulder-robe ('shrobe' in fashion speak) then you can simply slip it on indoors! Cool, professional and stylish!

How would you style a white blazer?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you missed Part I: Styled With Denim Cutoffs, catch up here! And stay tuned for Part III...